Bob Heyden

Bob “Hollywood” Heyden has been the Meadowlands Racetrack’s statistician and handicapper since 1984. He appears nightly on “Racing from the Meadowlands” recap show on SNY and conducts all winner’s circle interviews.

“Holly News and Notes” are a must read for little known facts and important historical racing data. Heyden is the master of facts, stats and historical trends in racing.

Bob is a columnist and regular contributor to harness and thoroughbred magazines and newspapers all over North America.

One thought on “Bob Heyden

  1. Yesterday you had Denny Firestone (maybe another last name) on. This guy totally disrespected Maximum Security at the end of the four hour broadcast. Said that Cinderella never wins. I did not need any further handicapping advise on this horse, I was 100% sure he was the winner, because he was the best horse of this crop. However, he was wrong about Cinderella and the horse. He drew a comparison to the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Please inform him that Cinderella does win, have him look to 1983 and NC State and to the race. I was taken down, but he proved that he was the best horse.


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