Down The Stretch

DOWN THE STRETCH is a live three hour broadcast from New York every Saturday morning on Sirius XM Channel 93 Rush from 10 A.M. until 1 P.M. Eastern Time.

Dave Johnson and Bill Finley cover the major thoroughbred and harness racing news from all over North America, preview that weekend’s best stakes races, talk to and about the top names in the sport and take your phone calls.

Ray Paulick, publisher of The Paulick Report, is a regular contributor on the latest news in Thoroughbred racing on THE PAULICK REPORT every Saturday morning.

THE BOYD GAMING HANDICAPPING CHALLENGE pits Bill Finley against Caton Bredar using the top Thoroughbred weekend stakes races from coast to coast.

DOWN THE STRETCH also features THE GULFSTREAM PARK REPORT during the Championship Meet, with the major races analyzed by Mike Welsch, one of the most respected handicappers and workout observers in the country.



13 thoughts on “

  1. Would love to “hear the way you think as you handicap a race”…perhaps look at a race for the first time
    or explain your thinking when you first looked at a particular race yet to be run
    and explain how you handicap a race,
    pearls that you look for,
    historical trends, etc.
    Please continue to encourage guests to use the name of the horse under discussion every sentence
    Sometimes 2 minutes of strategy goes by and I do not know the name
    The guest keeps saying “he or she or it”
    So many horsepower are unaware of your great show when I mention it
    I sing your praise
    Keep on entertaining us


  2. Dave, being from South Florida since 81 l looked forward most to the triple crown races to hear you and Neil talk about them the day before each race. Like clockwork at 11:30 Jorge would inform the listeners that you were there. Neil passed away in 2010. He was the only radio this town had for 30 years. He was the only local talent that ever made a million a year. I want to thank you profusely ( as he would say) for being a part of his show for so many years. He was the best at what he did as are you. Be well and thank you for the fond memories.


  3. Enjoy your show every Saturday. Who was the handicapper with the first name of ed that was on last weeks Belmont show. Thanks George Fields


  4. Dave: What is the name of the trainer that you interviewed today July 8 who is pointing his 3 year old filly to this years Alabama at Saratoga? Thanks!!


  5. I have been listening to your show a long time on 93XM. Now suddenly I don’t have channel 93. Sirius has done it again. Have you moved to another channel or is Sirius just trying to get me to cancel?


    • Charles, I contacted Sirius and I was told that the show “is not currently available”. They would not give me a reason why, but said it will resume at some point.


    • I checked Channel 93 and the show was not there. Luckily I was able to find it on Channel 211. Can’t Sirius give a correct answer to its customers about where a particular show is located?


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