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Listen to DOWN THE STRETCH, every Saturday Morning 10 AM – 1 PM (Eastern) on Sirius XM Channel 93 Rush.

Our in studio phone for listener’s questions is 844-796-7874

You can find us on Facebook

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7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just wanted to drop you a message and say hello. This Michael Mortellaro. How are you? We have to sit down and talk over dinner one day. Get in touch!


  2. Hey guys,

    I’ve been a long time DTS listener. Lately I’ve noticed that the banter between Dave & Bill concerning betting challenges gets tense at times. Bill repeatedly using the words “my bitch,” calling one another liars, etc. I’m 45 years old and I’ve heard a lot in my time. I’m not offended by this banter, however I don’t think it makes for good radio, especially for lazy Saturday mornings.

    You guys are a class act, and much better than shows like Pardon the Interuption,Dan Patrick, or Colin Cowherd. At times though, I feels I’m listening to one of those shows


    • hi jeff….appreciate so much that you are a regular listener for a long time…and that you took the time to write us.

      bill and i are having a bit of fun with derby wars….but,
      i do see your point, and i agree that we have had a classy
      show for more than 10 years….i guess that we just let our
      banter get a bit too raunchy at times. i hope that you won’t tune us out…..but, maybe we should tone it down a bit.

      also, you must know that bill and i are great friends….and
      have been for a long long time….the kidding is just that,
      kidding….when sirius asked me about doing this show
      now almost 12 years ago, i had only one person i was
      going to do the show with, and that was bill… second
      choice, and if he would not have joined me, there would
      be no DOWN THE STRETCH.

      anyway, i will talk to bill about your point…which is well
      taken….we don’t want to become a shock type program,
      but we also want some levity and room to be ourselves.

      thanks again for your note, please keep listening…
      good luck/cheers/dave


      • Just read this post and my first thought was, “Hey, it’s another mid-forties woman who listens to Bill and Dave…I’m not alone!” Then I saw the name of the original poster and realized he’s sitting in his chair, across the room from me. Not offended, either, but thanks, babe – and thank you, Dave for your thoughtful reply.

        The only reason I found this was, I wanted to tell Bill that if Chrome wins the PWC, it will be the greatest return from retirement since that of #92, James Harrison. 🙂


  3. I had XM radio several years ago when they were simulcasting TVG. Unfortunately, the coverage was spotty and inconsistent. I always enjoyed your show on Saturdays, along with the weekday show hosted by Steve Byk. These shows would be a great lead in for live afternoon coverage with live calls from major tracks, whether it be TVG, NYRA, or some other major outfit. That would definitely get me back as a subscriber. Perhaps you could pass this suggestion along and keep up the great work!


  4. Finley’s Handicapping Challenge Picks, Sept. 10
    Lrl 5: 6-7-3
    Lrl 6: 1-7-8
    Parx 10: 2-3-4
    Wo 8: 5-1-3
    LaD 11: 6-2-1
    LA 8: 4-1-2
    KD 7: 8-3-5
    KD 8: 6-2-3
    KD 9: 7-3-6
    KD 10: 8-3-2


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